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Daytime Kitchen: Healthy Back to School Snacks


How to get healthy without dieting | Darya Rose | TEDxSalem

Translator: Zsófia Herczeg Reviewer: Tanya Cushman I started my first diet when I was eleven years old, sixth grade. I wasn’t overweight or anything close to it, but I came into the kitchen before school one morning, and my mom was making herself a chocolate milkshake for breakfast. If you can remember being eleven, you…

How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime | Nadine Burke Harris

In the mid-’90s, the CDC and Kaiser Permanente discovered an exposure that dramatically increased the risk for seven out of 10 of the leading causes of death in the United States. In high doses, it affects brain development, the immune system, hormonal systems, and even the way our DNA is read and transcribed. Folks who…

Beetroot Almond & Ricotta Puree | Michela Chiappa

So here is another one of the no-cook purees. These are brilliant, brilliant little recipes. If you need something quick, fast, to feed your baby that’s healthy and nutritious. This recipe has got fresh beetroot, ground almonds, and ricotta. Now you can buy your beetroot in store, but make sure it’s cooked in its own…

Kids Try 100 Years Of Fried Food | Epicurious

InBrief: Early Childhood Mental Health

What do we want for our children? What’s our goal? Our goal is to have productive citizens that are going to be part of thriving communities. So how do we get from here to there? As we grow up and as we move into becoming functioning members of society, our mental health is an important…

St Mary’s Children’s Surgery – Essentia Health

No No Song | Baby Goes for a Picnic, Healthy Foods | Kids Songs by Little Angel

What Is an Emotionally-healthy Childhood?

We can sometimes be so modest about our power to know what might be good for others or ourselves, we forget it might be possible to hazard a few generalisations about what constitutes an emotionally healthy childhood. It can’t be pure idiosyncracy or good luck; there are distinct themes and goals to identify. With a…

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