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Vitamin D and mortality may be a U-shaped curve

Say Bye Bye to Multi Vitamins ((300 Scientifically Proven Benefits))

Client Testimonial: IV Vitamins & Hormones

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Ask Dr. Nandi: Killing cancer with Vitamin C

大发体育Is Cycling Bad For Men’s Sexual Health? GCN Talks Bo***cks

Many people。 I’m sure look at a bike saddle and think that not only must it be uncomfortable It’s probably also bad for you。 You know – Cause damage, pain, numbness and for men perhaps erectile dysfunction, prostate cancer maybe。 And yet many of us ride bikes a lot and don’t suffer from any issues at…

How and What To Juice | Health Update with Scott Laird, ND | Episode 8

Resolving the Health Care Crisis: T. Colin Campbel at TEDxEast

大发体育I’m here to talk about health. Your health, my health, the health of your families and friends. Especially our children; and I’m actually here to talk about the health in fact of our country. But talking about health, thinking about how we can get health, we are in a system today that is not exactly…

How do cancer cells behave differently from healthy ones? – George Zaidan

Translator: Andrea McDonough Reviewer: Bedirhan Cinar We all start life as one single cell。 Then that cell divides and we are two cells, then four, then eight。 Cells form tissues, tissues form organs, organs form us。 These cell divisions, by which we go from a single cell to 100 trillion cells, are called growth。 And…

DIY intravenous vitamin C

Well, I’ve had several people asking me about the intravenous vitamin C that I have been doing, so I thought I’d shoot a little video and let people see my mug, see how I’m doing, since I haven’t done a video for quite a while now. And, I hadn’t done any intravenous vitamin C for…

Cancer survivor choose whole food nutrition instead of vitamins.

hi guys Tanya west here nutritional consultant and holistic cancer practitioner and I just wanted to talk to you today a bit about why I made the switch from vitamins to Juice Plus I feel as a cancer survivor and someone who has lost friends and family to cancer that it is something I’m very…

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