How to Increase Metabolism : Healthy Fat Options to Boost Metabolism


So if you feel like you want to add more fat,
healthy fats to your diet, it’s important to know where this healthy fats are coming
from. Like I said before you want to try and get more mono saturated fats and poly saturated
fats. When you look at the food guide pyramid that fats are kind of burst all over the place.
It’s important to try to get mono saturated fats from poly saturated fats from foods like
avocados, nuts and seeds, olives, olive oils, walnuts any kind of oils that are coming from
some of the nuts. They are going to be your healthier fats. Hazel nut oil is also a good
source. Another wonderful source of fats is omega threes from fish. they are the amount
of omega threes in fish, it really varies. But salmon is very high in omega threes and
if you are interested in learning about more fish and which fish contains omega threes,
you can contact your dietitian and talk to her about that. That will be a great way to
add more fats into your diet.