3 INGREDIENT SNACKS: healthy paleo snacks


if you’re stuck on ideas for healthy
paleo snacks watch this video because I am sharing with you three ingredients
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foods can benefit your health so let’s go ahead and jump right into it so the
first snack we are making are plantain chips this is definitely one of my
favorite three ingredient snacks I’ve made you can definitely change up the
seasonings and lately I’m going to show you the one that I’ve been using
plantains are great because they are rich in vitamin A and vitamin A really
supports healthy eyes and a healthy immune system they’re also loaded with
fiber and fiber is what feeds our healthy good gut bacteria and our gut
health is definitely connected to so many different things like mental health
your overall health and well-being in general so keeping our gut health in
check is super important and it’s also really high in potassium and we need
potassium for a healthy heart so all I do is I peel the plantain and then I
slice it nice and thin you definitely don’t want to slice it too thick because
then they won’t get nice and crunchy like chips there’ll be a bit softer so I
go ahead and slice the whole thing up and then we are going to be laying it
onto a silicon mat you can also use parchment paper or if you don’t have
either of the two just make sure that you do grease the bottom of the baking
sheet because we don’t want them to stick so then I’m just laying them out
in a single layer and I found plantains right next to the bananas in my grocery
store in case you’re wondering they’re green so they’re never gonna be yellow
they might look like an unripe in banana but I would just look at the sign to
make sure you’re not actually just grabbing a green banana so I spray it
with a little bit of avocado oil I find that this way it really coats each of
them evenly versus having to drizzle on an oil you get a nice fine layer and
then I’m sprinkling it with a bit of paprika
I had plantain chips with paprika at a restaurant and it gave it such a nice
wonderful flavor so I’ve been putting that on but you can definitely just do
sea salt you could do garlic kind of whatever you want you bake them off for
about 12 minutes at 350 and you have wonderful crunch
plantain chips the next thing we’re making is a very simple blueberry
smoothie blueberries are phenomenal there are great superfood loaded with
anthocyanins that’s what makes it purple and then what the anthocyanins do is
that helps to increase cognition promotes longevity and it’s also a low
sugar fruit which is really great I’m adding in some almond butter which is a
great healthy fat loaded with vitamin E and helps to make this smoothie more
satiating so healthy fats really help to make you feel satisfied all you do is
blend that up with a bit of almond milk or cashew milk and you have a super
simple blueberry smoothie great for your brain it’s slightly sweet because of the
blueberries and good for your brain two men we are making caramelized pecans
this is a really great kind of a little bit of a sweeter snack or you can even
add this to salads and other things like that
so I’m combining some pecans some coconut oil and some coconut sugar in a
pan until the sugar and the coconut oil melts together and coats the pecans
pecans are great because they’re loaded with vitamin E they’re a healthy fat
they also have B vitamins and B vitamins helped to give us energy but it’s also
necessary for a lot of different processes that go on in our body so it’s
what’s called a cofactor so we need all of those B vitamins and we need that
energy it’s also a great anti-inflammatory as well so once your
nuts are all coated you just let them cool until the glaze has hardened and
you have these wonderfully slightly sweet pecans that you can eat on their
own or even add to salads the next combo I have been loving is this pomegranate
avocado combo now you guys know how much of a fan I am of avocado and that’s
because it is loaded with healthy fats healthy fats are super great for you
super great for your brain for your gut health for so many things and avocado is
honestly such an easy way to get a good snack in it’s also lower in
carbohydrates too so if you are doing keto this month or anything like that
this would be great for you and a little known fact that avocado is actually a
fruit I feel like a lot of people don’t know that so I’m sprinkling it with a
little bit of sea salt and then I’m gonna be adding in some pomegranate
seeds these ones were frozen but if you can find a fresh at your grocery store I
would do that pomegranate seeds are great because they’re load
with vitamin C which helps to promote collagen for healthy skin healthy gut
it’s also good for your immune system and they’re loaded with fibers and this
is a super simple like ten-second snack that you can make that tastes so yummy
then we are making kind of a quick / instant smoothie Bowl so this is kind of
like when you don’t have a lot of time or ingredients all I do is I combine a
scoop of my favorite protein I tend to use a chocolate one I find those have a
lot more flavor in a basic recipe like this rather than a vanilla so I love
doing a chocolate one I add a bit of almond milk and then you kind of stir it
together and you kind of get a pudding consistency so you can add as little or
as much almond milk as you like but I just add less than a shake and more so
it’s a bit thicker and then all you have to do is throw on a little bit of crunch
so you get that really satisfying texture so I’m using some grain free
granola but you can use cacao nibs coconut chips any kind of nuts but the
great thing about this is you get protein you get healthy fats you get
that satisfying a crunch and it’s really quick and easy to make you don’t have to
spend time making a big smoothie Bowl so now you have some delicious healthy
paleo snack ideas that you can make that are only three ingredients if you’re
looking for more healthy snack ideas I will leave my healthy snacks playlist
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